Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Caesar to Rome" (instrumental) #Beats2Cruz2

"Caesar to Rome" gives the listener the feeling as if they were floating in space, but is still grounded on earth with the bass line. Imagine a Spartan in a spacesuit, this is for anyone who is spaced out & ready for war at the same time!! CHECK IT OUT VIA #SOUNDCLOUD NOW!!

"Gran" (instrumental) #Beats2Cruz2

One of Cruz's NEW instrumentals titled "Gran". The track makes you nod your head even without lyrics, it gives off a lot of energy & gets the listener going full throttle!! Listen to it HERE on #SoundCloud. #Beats2Cruz2

"Racing From the Past"

CHECK OUT THE NEWEST/LATEST TRACK BY CRUZ!! "Racing From the Past" -Cruz Ft. Des J & G$

24K Gold

"KOOL's aim is to become young kings." -Cruz. And what are kings without their gold? "24K Gold Trays" is a dark & dirty, down south track that shows the rough and rugged edges around K.O.O.L. With this record we are giving our fans the hard, dirty south musik that's been missing from the game for years. CHECK IT OUT NOW!! "24K Gold Trays" Ft. Cruz & Des J

"Let's Get It"

To all the people in the struggle, keep ya heads up! We learned that from a Tupac song. This track here is to keep you motivated & on the point, regardless your hustle. #LetsGetIt is more than a phrase, it's more than three words, it's a lifestyle! Check it out RIGHT NOW! "Fuck it, let's get it!" -Cruz "Let's Get It" Ft. Cruz & Des J

Triple D, Texas

As Dallas, Texas natives, we wanted to give the city an anthem to ride to. "I'm From the D" is a track that you can blast with the windows down while cruzin' the city. And if you aren't from Dallas, you probably can still relate to this cut in many ways. Though there is no other city like Dallas, listen to the lyrics in the track & it will all explain why."It's NOT a ball, it's a MICROPHONE" -Des J "I'm From the D" Ft. Cruz, Des J, & Nick Tha Kidd

"Gars & Papers"

What's #KOOL all our smokers!? Check out this HOT track by us, K.O.O.L. "Gars & Papers" Ft. Cruz, Des J, & G$.